Executive Coaching

Dragonfly Central offers custom executive coaching for new or experienced leaders who need a little extra help, either with a new position, when facing a new challenge, or to sharpen those professional skills that you haven’t exercised in some time. Choosing executive coaching is one of the best professional development decisions you can make. Choosing executive coaching with Ginna Goodenow-Schirf is the best choice among local coaches.

Ginna has coached more than 40 executives leading to higher performance at their nonprofits. Executives have found increased performance at their nonprofits, and improved communication between the executive and their boards, employees, stakeholders and the public.

Do you want to perform at your maximum capability? Gain clarity into your goals and development objectives? Engage your clients with ease and persuasion? Perform your organization’s mission to its utmost? Then call Ginna today at (301) 460-1636 and schedule an appointment. Unlock your potential today!