Ginna Goodenow is the owner of Dragonfly Central, Inc. (DCI) which was founded in 2004. DCI is a national consulting firm based in Garrett Park, Maryland, that advises nonprofits on executive search, transition management, organizational sustainability, as well as leadership coaching.  Her experience spans nearly the full spectrum of the sector, as founder, advisor, and consultant to nonprofits.

Ginna began her career with nonprofits by helping to stand up an aircraft safety association in 1996 while working in corporate aviation. That experience planted the seeds that later launched her now 20-year career serving nonprofits. In 2004, she began nonprofit consulting work focused on creating start-up nonprofits – navigating the IRS, creating by-laws, developing board seats and executive positions, writing board and senior executive position profiles, and coaching leaders in creating what is next.  Since 2006, she has been involved in mostly transition projects for nonprofits ranging from local pre-incorporation start-ups to global nonprofit institutions. In addition to her own executive transition, planning, and coaching work, she served as the Senior Executive Search and Transition consultant on nearly 500 projects as the CEO of DCI and partnering with TransitionGuides, Raffa, Marcum, and Good Insight over the last 18 years.  These searches have included CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CDOs, CMOs and CCOs, and CAOs as well as Executive Directors, SVP’s and VP’s. 

Her passion and enthusiasm for nonprofits is evidenced in her coaching hundreds of C-level executives through her experience of having a front-row seat to more than 7,500 leaders seeking change and transformation. The fruits of her work with nonprofit organizations includes addressing intellectual and developmental disabilities across the lifespan, providing healthcare for low-income communities (FQHC’s), addressing poverty, homelessness, and hunger in the U.S., fighting for civil and human rights internationally, working on racial and social justice, strengthening education for all, funding America’s environmental organizations, accessing affordable housing and community development, and creating a safer environment for children and youth.  

She holds a BA with a triple major in English, Marketing, and Sociology from Austin College in Sherman, Texas. She maintains an active interest in the preparation of the next generation of nonprofit leaders.  

Doris Kiser is an experienced professional search and transition assistant. She is currently a consultant with Dragonfly Central, Inc. Doris has worked for seventeen years in the nonprofit executive search industry and has partnered with Ginna Goodenow the entire time. She is highly organized, a skilled writer, and has a passion for finding the best candidate fit for the leadership role.

Prior to executive search and search support work, Doris has had many roles including medical billing for a psychotherapist, a homeschool oversight manager, and served as a full-time graphic artist for Anne Arundel Community College.

She has many interests including shade tree auto mechanics, fine art painting, bathroom/kitchen tile installation, and lifelong learning. She homeschooled two daughters through high school and loves to garden and cook.

She holds a BA in English from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and an MA in Publications Design from the University of Baltimore.